Body Scrubs… Why? and How?

Why is there a need for a body scrub?

Are you aware that your skin renews itself every 14 to 28 days? Newer healthier skin is formed in your epidermis and then finds its way to the surface when you shed your older dead skin. The younger you are the quicker this process and the older you get it tends to slow down, hence the evolution from young firm glowing skin to duller, more age-affected skin.

These dead skin cells also don’t behave as we would like them to and can build up on the surface of our skin which gives a dry and rough appearance. In order to gently assist this process body exfoliators were created. These help rub off the excess dead skin cells to leave behind young vibrant healthy cells which give you the lush and glowing look you want. They also help to unclog pores, help loosen ingrown hairs, soften rough patches on elbows and knees and because you have removed the dead layer, your moisturiser is better equipped to go deeper into your skin allowing for better hydration and suppleness. The benefits are really well worth the extra self-indulgence if you want to have great looking skin!

Our Scrub is unlike sugar scrubs that collapse onto your bathroom floor before making contact with your skin… it is in a rich cream base which allows for dual action – insane moisturising while removing dead skin cells  (you will feel the effects immediately because of this!)

How best to use our scrubs you ask?
Apply it onto your dry skin. No water needed! The product has enough slip of it’s own and you will notice as you scrub away that the cream component of the scrub gets sucked up into your skin and you can then either dust off the remaining abrasives or rinse it off in the shower or bath. Our product is the closest thing you will get to a full Spa treatment in the privacy of your own home.

Our scrubs are made using Apricot kernels because it is bio-degradable and Earth friendly and comes in 4 unique fragrances ranging from Citrus, to Floral (Ambrosial) to Earthy (African) and of course Coffee!

We use essential oils for fragrance so you have that “ahhhhh” moment when you apply the product. No synthetics used!


The full list of ingredients for each scrub is available on our website, go have a look.
Spoil yourself this Valentine’s day and EVERYDAY!

PS: don’t exfoliate everyday… aim for twice a week maximum. But our Body Butters and Mousse options are there for EVERYDAY use.


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