The future of MY SKINCARE

It is incredible how limited we are in South Africa to rare, weird and exciting new ingredients! We at My Skincare are taking a leap of faith and have sourced, and are importing (what we believe) to be the new holy grail of skincare. Some (vague) sneak peaks are listed below. NO estimated launch dates yet as we wait patiently for our goodies to arrive.

First up on the list is a wonderful natural broad spectrum preservative, paraben free of course, which shall extend our shelf life considerably! This one I am not giving any details for as it is our little secret and shall stay that way for as long as possible.

Then we have taken an interest in sourcing new abrasives for our body scrubs. Apricot kernels are old school yes, a little boring yes, but natural and bio-degradable which is 100% aligned with our vision and brand. So to keep it that way we have also sourced much more interesting alternatives and await a final decision to be made before we inform our users. These will eventually be rolled out into all of our scrubs.

Most interesting are the botanical extracts which will be added to all of our creams. As you already are aware our cleanser uses Goji Berry extract which is an incredible anti-oxidant and is classified as a super food.
Well, what would you think of Fig? Fig is a natural humectant. A humectant helps your skin attract and retain water keeping it looking plump and healthy, and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles (is anti-ageing). Many cosmetic manufactures use synthetic humectants because they are cheaper than natural alternatives, but as we all know, synthetics do more harm than good in the long run. A few synthetic humectant examples are urea, propylene glycol and silicone.
However, as I always do, I have lost track of the Fig! Fig not only is a humectant but it also contains many vitamins and nutrients. Other than helping your skin stay hydrated, it is a natural anti-oxidant and helps control sebum (oil) production while also boosting your skins natural defense system.
And then our personal favorite…. Dragonfruit extract! (I literally squeal every time I say it). Dragonfruit is said to contain anti-ageing benefits, help promote skin healing and protects against UV damage. It also helps to tighten pores and preserve your skins youthfulness and is particularly good for those who suffer from dry skin conditions.

What other products on the market offer you copious amounts of nourishment and goodness from organic and cold pressed oils, used in the ridiculous quantities that we do, along with weird and wonderful beneficial botanical extracts and essential oils while staying true to our word and being 100% natural?
We do understand that we won’t tick everyone’s box ,and our product (oddly) won’t appeal to everyone, but we thrive on the idea of being unique, natural, exclusive and just plain gorgeous!  Watch this space for more information on when the above listed items will be rolled out into our products. Thanks for reading!

My Skincare Crew


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